WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) – is a combination of wood and plastic. It has gained great popularity as a safe, environmentally sustainable and durable material for outdoor use in any segment of life and business. It is an ideal substitute for wood and as such it is often used as a floor covering for gardens, terraces, swimming pools, courtyards, beaches, moles, paths for parks and mountain lodges.

WPC is a wood-plastic composite made of high-quality plastic and wood “flour” obtained from domestic, renewable forest resources. The role of wood as an integral part of the composite is to provide it with the right firmness and stability, and plastics is a binding element. WPC floor coverings have proven to be a successful substitute for wooden floor coverings.

The advantage of WPC in relation to the natural wood is that WPC provides diverse possibilities of making, modeling and creating products in .any desired shape because it can bend and fix in various ways and shapes. It is treated with a simple woodworking tool, and the assembly is relatively simple. The WPC products provide the warm atmosphere of the wood without any drawbacks such as drying, rinsing, imperviousness and no need for lacquering. With occasional water cleaning, WPC floors are completely resistant to the development and growth of fungi, lichens and moss.

By applying different colors, surface finishing, patterns, and settings, you receive a product with amazing stunning patterns and looks that will beautify your outer space for years.


* Natural appearance
* Longevity
* They are not slippery, even when it’s wet
* They do not crack
* They do not dissolve, do not rust and do not break down
* No maintenance costs
* Waterproof
* Resistant to rodents and insects
* Easy installation with “Clip” system
* Resistant to high and low temperatures
* Can be mounted laterally